NDY GLOBAL are a queer fitness brand who are taking over the world. They are innovative, exciting and nice people to boot.

NDY GLOBAL hired us to provide them with a comprehensive SEO strategy. To do this, we offered SEO training to their entire team, consisting of three sessions: SEO for HTML, SEO for copywriting and SEO for images.

We undertook keyword research and presented it to NDY GLOBAL in a scaleable format, making sure that the work we produced can be easily built upon both by NDY GLOBAL’s internal team, and any other agency the client wishes to work with.

We took a close look at the copy and code of the stunning NDY GLOBAL website, optimised it using CloudFlare, and offered our recommendations for improving the site’s PageSpeed Insights score, including both code and image optimisations.

NDY GLOBAL are true change makers! We’re looking forward to seeing how they affect the world, and can’t wait to work with them again.